It’s not what you know. It’s who you know. Introducing… Locals on Tap!

It’s not what you know. It’s who you know. Introducing… Locals on Tap!


Travellers raising beers in a cheers

Pop quiz.

You’ve just arrived in a strange new city. What’s your next move?

Do you: (a) Reach for your guidebook? (b) Awkwardly try to make friends at the bus stop (or, God forbid, on Tinder)? (c) Join a small group of travellers and a friendly local host for a drink in a cool neighbourood?

We know what we’d pick.

To help you with this traveller’s dilemma, we’ve launched a line-up of totally new, totally fun, totally local experiences – Locals on Tap. Picture a walking tour mixed with a city meet-up, mixed with that amazing feeling when you’ve just met a new friend in a new place. Happening now in over 70 cities.

You’ll get to hang out with a local expert, get answers to all your burning travel questions, and meet fellow like-minded travellers while kicking back in a great neighbourhood. And they’re happening every day in cities around the globe.

Prague. Singapore. Rio de Janeiro. New York. Amsterdam. Tokyo. Lima. Delhi. Chiang Mai. Mexico City. Los Angeles. Berlin. And more.

  • Vicky#1

    November 17, 2016


    I was looking for a Locals on tap tour in Brisbane and could not find one.. Is there any planned in the coming weeks/moths?



    • Profile photo of Tammy Burns

      Tammy Burns#2

      January 3, 2017

      Hi Vicky, unfortunately we’re not offering any Locals on Tap tours in Brisbane at this time.

  • Colleen McIndoe#3

    November 22, 2016


    We have booked an Intrepid Tour for Cuba in May\June but, I would like to consider using this offer for a ‘stop-over’ in Dubai we are doing in October. Can i do this or does it have to be used in conjunction with part of the tour we will be doing in May\June?

    • Profile photo of Tammy Burns

      Tammy Burns#4

      January 3, 2017

      Hi Colleen, sorry for the delay in answering but your comment got caught in our blog’s spam filter. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any tours available in Dubai. But if we did, yes, you can use the tour at any point, it doesn’t need to be connected to an Intrepid trip. For any other questions, your best bet is to contact our team directly at


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