What’s On In…Venice: Biennale 2013

What’s On In…Venice: Biennale 2013


La Biennale di Venezia – one of the most significant events in Venice, and one of the biggest cultural events in the world.

Taking place every two years, the Biennale 2013 is the 55th International Art Exhibition and has been on since the 1st of June. It runs until November 24th, so there’s still plenty of time to check it out!


1. A great opportunity to have a look at different international artists from all over the world.

2. An excellent reason to get lost in the maze 0f Venice, discovering corners that usually are closed to the public, such as gardens, palaces, monasteries, churches, and art galleries.

Biennale in Venice


The main Biennale space is in the area of St. Mark’s Gardens, about 20 minutes by foot from the main square of St. Mark’s (Piazza San Marco), and where you can find the Italian Pavillion and the ones from other countries such as China, the USA, and Australia.

The second most important exhibition space is the one in the Arsenal area. In the old days, the Arsenal was the place where the ships of the Venetian Republic were made. Nowadays is mainly part of the Italian Navy, and only a side of it is open to the public for the Biennale.

Biennale in Venice


The Biennale is open every day except for Monday.

Our favourite thing (aside from all the awesome art, of course!) is that you only need to pay entrance fees for the main Biennale space and the Arsenal space – the rest of the events (called Collateral Events) are free!

The Collateral Events are not only there for you to see but to interact with! The are some where you’re meant to get lost around the gallery in the darkness, others where you need your phone to discover the artist’s message, or even one where you need to get in roller skates to produce sounds out of it!

The Art Biennale is the main attraction, but throughout the year, in conjunction with the art exhibits, we have other events such as music, theatre, and dance performances. These typically run for shorter periods within the larger Biennale calendar.

Venice Biennale Art Exhibit


This year, we have a special presentation from Portugal. We’ve brought a boat all the way from Lisbon that will give you a ride around St. Mark’s Bay twice a day, while listening to some Fado music! And yes, this is also free!

Venice Biennale Art Exhibit


Venice Urban Adventures is really proud of having this event take place in the city, and we strongly encourage every single one of our travellers to experience it while they’re in town. It’s one of the biggest must-see events in Venice!


For the main map and site of the Exhibition Biennale 2013, click here.

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