Travel trivia: March

Travel trivia: March


Want a quick workout for your brain? Test your travel knowledge against our cheeky little travel trivia quiz!


  1. What city’s massive subway system has more stops than any other subway in the world?
  2. The Rickshaw Run is a crazy 3,500-kilometre race in a three-wheeled cart that takes you across what country?
  3. I’m home to the world’s fastest train system, which doesn’t run on wheels, but on magnets. What city am I?
  4. If your sightseeing includes a canal ride on a gondola, vaporetto, or traghetto, you’re in what city?
  5. In what Southeast Asian country can you take a ride on a bamboo train?



  1. The subway system in New York City has 468 stops, the most of any underground railway system in the world.
  2. If driving a rickshaw across a “non-route” through India is your idea of an epic adventure, then the absolutely insane Rickshaw Run may be calling you. Road rules, be damned.
  3. Calling all speed demons! The fastest public transit system in the world can be found in Shanghai, connecting Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Station. The Shanghai Maglev has a maximum speed of a mad 430 kilometres per hour and relies on magnetic levitation — meaning it actually doesn’t touch the ground when it’s in motion.
  4. The romantic canals of Venice, which have to be crisscrossed by bridge or boat, make this city one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.
  5. The famous bamboo trains in Cambodia (known in Khmer as a nori) aren’t exactly trains. They’re actually motorized bamboo platforms that run along an old, warped railway track from Battambang to O Sra Lav — and that have to get out of the way when a real train comes.


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