15 Halloween Costume Ideas for Travellers

15 Halloween Costume Ideas for Travellers


Heading out for Halloween and looking to put a little wanderlust into your costume? Don’t just be a Bavarian beer girl or a French mime, pump your costume full of originality!

We’ve pulled together a list of fifteen less-than-predictable travel themed Halloween costumes to help inspire you!

15. Mexican Luchadore

Lucha Libre is basically a religion in Mexico, and it’s easy to see why! You get to dress up in a crazy costume, come up with a name like Rey Mysterio (here’s a name generator to find you own), and be the hero the world needs! Spandex not included.


14. Tacky Tourist

Break out your Hawaiian print shirt, zip off pants-shorts, fanny pack, and money belt, dangle a camera around your neck and clutch a map in your hand, and ask people for directions.  All night.

13. Venetian gondolier

Icons of tourism in Venice, gondoliers are classic, and easy to dress up as. Don some black pants, a stripy shirt, and a hat, and spend the night serenading people in Italian (whether you know it or not).

Venetian Gondolier

12. Globe

If you’re going to a bar, this might be a tad cumbersome, but hey, the world’s a big place!

11. Harajuku Girl

There’s more to Harajuku than the Gwen Stefani song. This Tokyo neighbourhood has become the street fashion capital, with the streets acting more like runways for the young and fashionable. Harajuku fashion is all about having fun, so just head to your local thrift store and hunt down the craziest outfit you can find. The more accessories the better!

Harajuku Girl - Tokyo

10. Paddington Bear

Oh that little darling. Red wellies, a blue coat, a red or black hat, and a battered suitcase are key, but the costume won’t be complete if you don’t have a tag around your neck that says “Please look after this bear. Thank you.”

9. Day of the Dead Catrina

The Day of the Dead dolls are beautifully haunting, and make for a perfect travel themed Halloween costume because they’re a bit spooky, and because Day of the Dead starts on October 31.

Catrinas Day of the Dead

8. Passport

We’ve seen people dress up as their Facebook profile page, so why not their passport! Create a flat board with a cutout for your head where the passport picture goes, and boom. Just maybe don’t write your actual passport number on there…you know, just for security purposes…

7. Justin Beaver

Our little-known Urban Adventures mascot, Justin Beaver, has become quite the world traveller – just check out his Instagram! So just get yourself a red lanyard, throw on a pair of buck teeth, and brag about all the places you’ve been.


6. Inca Trail Porter

These guys are tough, so you better be prepared. You’ll need leather sandals, and all the backpacks and bags you can find. Wrap them all up in an Incan poncho, tie them to your back, and go climb a mountain. Okay maybe not, but good luck getting to the bar.

5. John Lennon

Dressing up as this famous Beatle might seem like more of music lover’s costume…until you learn about the wall dedicated to him in Prague. A pair of round glasses and a wig complete this costume, but cover a shirt in peace messages and graffiti is a sure fire way to travel-ize this costume.


4. Matryoska Doll

Rosy cheeks, red lips, headscarves, and floral patterns are what characterise these iconic Russian nesting dolls. If you have a group of friends who are all different heights, dress identically and then stand in order of shortest to tallest. Then send us a picture, because we would LOVE to see this done well!

Russian Nesting Dolls

3. Amelia Earhart

It seemed like 2012 was the year of Carmen Sandiego. This year, we think Amelia Earhart is the coolest female costume around (and she was a real person!). Grab a leader jacket, a white scarf, sweet goggles, and talk about exploring the world. Just maybe try not to get lost at the end of the night…

2. Eyjafjallajokul 

Just disrupt the whole evening and make people find alternative ways home.

Iceland's volcano that blew up

1. Urban Adventures Guide

#Sorrynotsorry – we couldn’t help ourselves with this one. But hey, it’s easy when you’re a passionate local. Just throw on a red t-shirt and show people the Best. Day. Ever!

Prague Urban Adventures Guide


Got any more to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!


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