Things to do in: Prague

Things to do in: Prague


We all know that Prague is a gorgeous city, and that the Old Town is a sight to see, but what else? If you’re looking for some things to do in Prague aside from the classic tourist must-sees, this should help.

See Prague at a different hour, and bring your camera!

Empty and gently touched by the early morning sunlight, Charles Bridge awaits. Between 6 and 8am this iconic Prague landmark is deserted, so a visit at this hour is totally worth the effort of getting out of bed early. The whole city has a different feeling at this time, when 95% of tourists are still dreaming.

Prague Charles Bridge

And in the evening? Feel like a Pragueiger! Buy a sausage or ‘smazeny syr’ burger from one of the food stands, grab a beer from a restaurant (many in Prague now serve takeout beer – woop!), wander around, admire the beautifully lit buildings, enjoy the atmosphere, and let Prague guide you.

Discover Prague’s alternative neighbourhoods

 There’s no denying that Prague’s Old Town and city centre are magical spots, but there’s a lot more to this dazzling city. Why not take the metro over to Jiriho Z Podebrad and discover some other parts of Prague?

If you’re looking for lots of greenary, a secret vineyard, hipsters, local cafes with characther, boutique stores, beer gardens, and excellent restaurants – Vinohrady is the place for you. If there’s one neighbourhood in Prague to find some hidden gems, they would definitely be in Vinohrady.

Prague tower babies

If you’re a beer lover looking for a uniqie spot, head over to Zizkov, and quench your thirst with a truly fresh beer from bars such as U Sadu (order a Sadek here, it’s the best!). This district is famous for its many, many beer halls and the controversial Zizkov Tower. Another local favourite in this area is Kino Aero, who show open air movies at their theatre once a week. Zizkov is a rough around the edges, hip neighbourhood, filled with character and plenty of street art.

If you’re looking to release the bohemian in you, Cafe Sladkovsky in Vršovice will help you on your way, and they also have excellent burgers to fill your belly. Also check out Hanging Coffee on Nerudova Street or Cafe V Lese, a couple of other boho and hipster joints that are favourites amongst locals. The many cafes in this district, which is otherwise known as the ‘alternative oasis’, will please even the most avid coffee fanatics.

All these districts are reachable from the city centre in 10-20 minutes. They are also all conveniently situated next to each other, so you could easily walk through them in one day, stopping off at the sights along the way.

Go shopping at Farmers’ Markets and boutique stores

Forget those classic high street stores, Prague has so much more on offer for you to buy as a little token from your visit there.

Every Saturday, from March to November, there is a Farmers’ Market by the Vltava River. Here you’ll find row upon row of stalls filled with fresh bread, vegetables, homemade jams, macaron pyramids, Czech cuisine, Marovian wine, Czech handicraft, and much more. This is an unmissable experience during summer in Prague, and it is always filled with locals.

Prague Things to Do

Been looking for some really cool artwork to take home with you? Look no further – Agentura ProVas has some vintage artwork and posters for sale, and Bric a Brac at Tynska 7, near the Old Town Square, sells plenty of nostalgia and antique-y items.

Explore Prague’s parks, nature, and beer gardens

Prague is a city full of green space to enjoy. Favourite picnics spots for the locals include Stromovka, a park with over 100 hectares of space to explore, Divoka Sarka, which includes natural cooling pools that are perfect in the summer, and of course Prague’s Botanical Gardens.

During the summer months, the locals of Prague tend to get a bit of a thirst on, and they like to think that the best remedy is their favourite tipple outside in a beer garden. High above Prague on a hill you’ll find an open air pub at Vysehrad, a fort which overlooks the city, making it the perfect spot to sip away on a cool beer, and listen to all the locals around you.

Prague beer

But the fun doesn’t stop there, Prague has more than one great beer garden! The spot you’ll find atop Letna Hill is also a local favourite, as well as the park which surrounds it. Another classic Prague experience can be found at Riegrovy Sady, a huge beer garden always filled with locals at the first sight of sunshine. If you’re into more of a mini brewery garden scene, Pivovar Hostivar and Pivovar Marina are definitely worth checking out also. There are enough beer gardens in Prague to keep you entertained all summer!

If you’re in Prague with a loved one, there are plenty of spots for you to enjoy a romantic stroll. Petrin Hill is a gorgeous place to indulge in a bottle of wine and relax with the one you love, and drink in the views of the Little Quarter of course. If you’re looking for something a bit grander, explore the Wallenstein Garden and say hello to the peacocks.

The trick to all the parks in Prague is don’t be afraid to get lost! Get your exploring hat on and go for a wander.

Leave your footprint in Prague

In the Prague Metronome there once stood a Stalin statue which was 13 metres tall. After the Communist rule, the staute was blown up with 2,000kg of dynamite. In the 1990s, a statue of Michael Jackson was also built here to promote his tour, but now you will find a huge metronome (normally used for measuring rhythm in music), which was placed here by artists as a symbol of measuring better times to come. Here you’ll also find some of the best views of Prague’s historical centre and most of the city’s bridges.

Shoes at the Prague metronome

Locals like to leave their mark here by taking their shoes off, tying the laces together, and throwing them over a cable which hangs here. Join in with this local tradition – but remember the bring an extra pair of shoes with you!

Want to see Prague like a local? Hop on one of our city tours!

  • Petr#1

    February 20, 2017

    Beerparks in summer are really cool, sitting and drinking in the evening sun is good. good ones are on Naplavka, on the ships, you may have one and go to the upper deck to watch at Vltava river.


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