Things to do in: Krakow

Things to do in: Krakow


Done all the major sights in Krakow, but still have a little time to kill? That’s where our locals come in handy. Check out these five tips for the best things to do in Krakow, local style!

Explore the Botanical Gardens

botanic garden

After sightseeing in Krakow’s Old Town, rest in the Botanical Garden at Jagiellonian University, situated nearby at Kopernika 72 street. The plant collection contains approximately 5,000 species, and all kinds of varieties from around the world. Here there are greenhouses and themed exhibitions for adults and children, and within the ticket price (7 PLN /2 EUR) you can borrow books and read them in a natural environment. Note that these are only open during the summer season from late April to late October.

Stuff your face at the Sausage Experience

night sousages
Didn’t eat dinner before the last restaurant closed? Don’t worry! Go to the busy market place called Hala Targowa, five minutes’ walking distance from the Old Town, and try excellent smoked sausages with fresh rolls and mustard served right on the street directly out of an old blue communist van. This joint has been here for more than 22 years, is always open, and is the most local eating experience in Krakow.

Get cultured at Mocak, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow


This modern museum of contemporary art is filled with a huge collection, friendly staff, well equipped library, a great store, and a nice café. Exhibits change every three months, and enthusiasts of all kinds will find something enjoyable here. As the museum is situated very close to the Schindler Factory World War II Museum (4 Lipowa Street), you can buy one ticket for both and save money. Moreover, on Tuesdays the admission to MOCAK is free!

Go deep at the Rynek Underground Museum

Underground Museum

While walking around Krakow’s Main Market, have you ever thought about what might be below our feet? An underground archaeology museum, of course! Rynek shows, among others things, the commercial past of the city, relics of the former Slavic settlement and their burial ground, and even allows you to weigh and measure yourself with the original medieval scales and weights.

Shop at Stary Kleparz Food Market

For the best food shopping in Krakow, we recommend the Stary Kleparz Market, located very close to the Old Town, just north of St. Florian’s Gate, between Matejko’s Square and Dluga Street. Having run since the 18th century, this is the oldest, and most colourful, market, where farmers bring fresh fruit and vegetables to sell here every day, and for quite reasonable prices, too. You will always find locals here looking for good offers and wandering about. Try some samples, such as fresh mountain cheese oscypek, or some famous Polish sour cucumbers.

For even more cool local knowledge in Krakow, have a browse through our unique Krakow tours, led by a local guide.