Things to do in: Budapest

Things to do in: Budapest


Once you’ve seen the major sights in Budapest, it’s time to explore another side of the city — the more hidden side. Budapest is very spread out, and hides some pretty cool surprises, even for people who live there. It’s a city that’s under renewal every day; small, local eateries and other cool spots are opening up all the time. Here are five tips to help you discover more in Budapest.

Frőhlich Patisserie

The ultimate pastry shop in the Jewish District, Frőhlich Cukrászda has been run by a family for 60 years and sells traditional Jewish and Hungarian kosher desserts. Try the flodni, a poppy and apple tart — you won’t be disappointed.

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Hospital in the Rock (the Cave Hospital)

Under the Buda hills lies a 10 kilometre-long cave system that has been used since medieval times. Over the years, the caves have hosted cellars, wells, and storage rooms, but at the beginning of WWII, the caves were also used as shelters and combat stations. Not long after the war began, an underground emergency hospital was built within the caves. Later, during the Cold War, the hospital was renovated to act as a nuclear bunker. The Hospital in the Rock is one of the few cave hospitals in the world, and visitors can take guided tours through the property.

Bors GasztroBár

Bors GasztroBár is the best soup bar in town, hands down. The guys who run this place have worked in top restaurants around the world as head chefs, so they know what they’re talking about. Now, they’ve opened up their own little place and serve up delicious, quality food for an affordable price. Fantastic soups like ginger and pumpkin with roasted coconut flakes, and apple pie cinnamon cold fruit soup are just two great examples from this amazing place.

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Csillebérci kisvasút

For the perfect getaway in the Buda mountains, take a train ride to this piece of countryside near Budapest. Here you can wander through forests and playgrounds, and take in amazing views — all just 40 minutes away from the city centre.


When the sun sets, you have to visit one of the many ruin bars in Budapest. Housed in former rundown buildings and abandoned outdoor spaces, these bars are the place to be seen in Budapest. Super8 (yes, it’s a bar, not a motel) is still not very well known — which is a blessing in Budapest, because everyone knows the main ruin bars. Only locals from the area can be found sitting around in this spooky bar, which is inspired by none other than the famed creepy TV series Twin Peaks.

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