How To Be A Savvy Street Food Eater

How To Be A Savvy Street Food Eater


On the road and want to find the best street noms, but are worried you might mess it up? Here are some things to keep in mind when eating on the street, wherever you are!

1. A lineup is a good thing

Prague Outdoor Food

Sure, it sucks to wait in line, but in this case, a line up is a good thing! And it’s even better if the lineup is all locals! A busy spot means the food is good, and it also means that it’s fresh, as they’re moving through the food quickly and it isn’t sitting there fore ages. Fresh food that gets the local stamp of approval? Double thumbs up!

2. Social media is your best friend

Prague Street Food

It seems like everyone these days is Instagramming their meal, and you can bet that a good bunch of those meals were acquired on the streets. Take to social media to figure out what’s what and where it’s at: Twitter comes in handy tracking down food trucks in cities like New York and Los Angeles, whereas Foursquare can help you figure out what’s closest to you (and what tips people have on what to eat (or where to avoid!)), and then by scrolling Instagram, you can discover what’s hottest in the city right now (tip: find out what hashtag local foodies are using).

3. Go on a street food tour!

Street Food Tour Hanoi

Want to roll around town with a local expert leading the way? In some places, that might be the safest bet (yes, Delhi, we’re looking at you!). Not only will a street food tour help separate the outstanding stalls from the mediocre ones, it’ll also ensure you’re eating safely and not wasting any time with street food that’s only ‘meh’.

4. Watch the people preparing the food

Street Food in Tokyo

Are they handling the food properly? Are they treating it with care and ensuring they’re preparing high quality food? Generally speaking, if it’s clear the people making the food have a whole lotta love and pride in what they’re serving up, it’s going to be top notch.

5. Trust your gut (literally)

Street Food in Phnom Penh

If you look at something and your stomach feels like it’s trying to run for the hills, you might want to listen. Be adventurous, but be careful and sensible. A little sense can never hurt you (but a bad burrito can!).

Do you have any other street food tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!