These photos show how beautiful Prague is from above

These photos show how beautiful Prague is from above


Prague is beautiful any time, all the time. But sometimes it takes a new perspective to remind us just how pretty a place can be. These photos capture the timeless beauty, the lively social scene, and the delicious beer culture that make Prague so wonderful.

cheersing with beers in Prague

Beer culture is close to the heart of every Bohemian, but any local will tell you that Czech beer culture is more about the company than the (albeit, fantastic) brew. | Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

people gathered on river bank in Prague

With a name that means “wild water” in the languages of old, the Vltava River is the lifeblood of the city. During warmer months, all of Prague seems to flock to its banks. | Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

locals gathered in a park in Prague

The first rays of spring sun mean one thing to locals on the Czech capital — head outside! Riegrovy sady always promises a fantastic view of Prague’s historic skyline. | Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

castle and gardens in Prague

Looking out at Lesser Town’s iconic red roofs and baroque domes from the Vrtba Gardens, it’s easy to see why Prague is called the city of a hundred spires. | Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

Prague skyline from above

The bird’s eye view of Prague is always stunning, but there’s just something about the scene looking out from where Jan Žižka presides over the city from the top of Vítkov Hill that takes our breath away. | Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

rooftops of Prague

Prague’s astronomical clock is always listed as one of the “must-sees” in every city guidebook, but locals know that the view from atop the clock tower is equally stunning with its historic facades and views of bustling Old Town Square. | Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

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