Photo of the week: Street art in Rio

Photo of the week: Street art in Rio


This month’s Local Mission is all about appreciating the art beyond gallery walls! Street art in Rio de Janeiro is more than meets the eye. It tells a story of the community, of the people. It provokes thought and dialogue.

Since its decriminalization in 2009, street art has become ubiquitous in Rio; found on every corner, down every alley, and on most buildings. This flourish has created a unique Brazilian style that is known and respected in the global street art community. This piece by local artist Toz, represents the Carioca graffiti style – colourful, whimiscal, and eye-popping! Find it on your way to meet Rio Urban Adventures for your Santa Teresa Discovery tour and be sure to ask them where else you can find amazing graffiti in the city!

Street Art - Rio

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