Photo of the week: From Philly with Love

Photo of the week: From Philly with Love


With homemade cookies accompanying handwritten letters to Santa, DIY presents, and hand-crafted Christmas sweaters, December is a month when we appreciate a simpler time, an analogue time, a time when sharing wasn’t just a hashtag. Don’t get us wrong, we love our Instagramming – especially for sharing awesome gifts. But this very meta Instagram from Philly was a welcome reminder that when it comes to travelling, printed photos to scrapbook or frame are the best souvenir! And what’s better than printing photos when you get home? Printing them on the spot! This traveller brought a Polaroid with her along on the Center City Holiday Tour to instantly document every holiday memory. Love it!

Ps. Feel free to print out this blog post and put it on the fridge!

Philly Polaroid with Love

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