Photo of the week: Vietnamese coffee time in Hoi An

Photo of the week: Vietnamese coffee time in Hoi An


This month, we’re indulging our caffeine obsession with a look at coffee culture around the world. It’s amazing that something as simple as a bean can produce so many different exciting local variations. As a coffee drinker, you have a surprising amount of choice. You can choose how your coffee is served, flavoured, and even decorated – some of your Local Mission entries show some serious barista artistry! Most importantly, you can choose where your coffee comes from and how it’s produced – ethical coffee tastes better, trust us!

In our java-filled travels, it was amazing to discover that not only is coffee brewed differently around the world but it’s even served with something different! Did you know Italians take their coffee with a glass of water on the side? Hoi An Urban Adventures enjoyed a cup of Vietnamese coffee overlooking the Japanese covered bridge, which is not only flavoured with condensed milk instead of cream, but is always served with a cup of hot or cold tea. What coffee customs does your culture have?

Vietnamese Coffee

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