Photo of the week: Paris, je t’aime!

Photo of the week: Paris, je t’aime!


February was the month of love and we celebrated the heart-eyes we have for cities around the world in the Local Mission. Whether you reignited an old flame for your hometown or developed a new crush, we loved discovering what you love most about cities. From its food to its parks, outdoor cafes to local beaches, festivals to music venues, you showed us all that the urban landscape has to offer.

When we came across this stunning photo of Paris, we fell in love all over again. @dani.riley really captured a beautiful perspective of the city and what better place to profess your love for the City of Love than from Sacré-Coeur! Congratulations on the big win, Dani! We look forward to seeing what wild local rides you take in March!

@dani.riley UAmission winner

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