@nellamcni_cool’s Best. Trip. Ever. in Berlin!


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Here are our top recommendations for local gems you should visit in Berlin. Explore the Everplaces map above for more! And if you’re not convinced that Kreuzberg is the place to be, check out how it stood up against food, street art, beer, and people-watching  in the other ‘burg’!

Things To Do

Tempelhof airfield
97 Columbiadamm, 10965, Berlin, Germany

Contrasts clash at the remarkable Tempelhof airfield. Surrounded by monumental historic terminal buildings and the minarets of Sehitlik Mosque, Berlin’s famous abandoned airport has turned into an unconventional park. In fact, it’s the largest in Europe! The vast, wide-open spaces of the former airfied are a paradise for cyclists, joggers, skaters. Or, if you wish, you could just grab a blanket, enjoy the sun, and watch the kite flyers make their labs. Pure Berlin!

Salon Zur Wilden Renate
Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin, Deutschland

Zur wilden Renate is a whimsical electro-club in a typical time-worn Berlin tenement house in Friedrichshain. Weird and funny with quirky themed events for excessive partying, this place is a great find. Even if you’re tired, there are many little rooms and retreats with cozy sofas, poufs and beds.

berlin 22

Best of Friederichshain

Frankfurter Allee 3, 10243 Berlin, Deutschland

There are several Humana stores in Berlin, but the huge branch at Frankfurter Tor is a Friedrichshain institution: four levels of secondhand clothes, more than 30,000 pieces, so much to rummage through, and from time to time, a hidden gem! Before you know it you’ve spend hours there absorbed in the treasure hunt, along with everybody else.

Rüdersdorfer Straße 70A, 10243 Berlin, Deutschland

There’s no need to introduce it: Berghain is a legend! For the last couple years it has constantly been considered one of the best techno clubs in the world. Housed in the massive building of a former power station, with parties happening on three floors, in the Panoramabar and in several darkrooms, it’s a little bit like the hallow halls of hedonism. Avoid overdressing if you want to pass the bouncers.

 And if you want some company, let us show you a local side of the city!

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