My Neighbourhood: Prague’s Barrandov

My Neighbourhood: Prague’s Barrandov


I was inspired to write this ‘My Neighbourhood’ post after reading a similar article from our head honcho, Tony, about his neighbourhood in Melbourne – Kensington. I started to think about all the reasons why I love my neighbourhood of Barrandov in Prague, and thought that the best way to explain it to you was to tell you what I would do with just one day in this beautiful district.

24 Hours in Barrandov, Prague

My perfect day in Barrandov would start with a healthy Czech breakfast. I’d pick up some veggies and fresh bread from the organic food store near my home, and throw them together with some of my homemade cheese, which we call hermelín – not suitable to eat around anyone you’re trying to impress as it’s very garlicky!

Next up, my daily ritual, which I call ‘The Holy Prokopské Run’. This involves taking a run down to the valley named after Saint Prokop, saying hello to all the joggers I pass by, and taking in the gorgeous untouched nature. It’s a beautifully quiet spot and the ideal place to start my day.

Charles Chaplin Square at Barrandov

Chaplin Square, Barrandov

The next part of my day would involve heading back to the same valley, but this time taking things slow. I’d go for a long stroll with my wife and daughter to our special ‘off the grid’ place, with more Czech food in hand. Sausages, fried cheese, breads, hot wine, and beer – all the goodies we love to enjoy on our walks. We’d stop at this tiny lake to feed the swans and ducks, and share our bread with them.

Time to get into the city a bit more, and next we’ll head over to Chaplin Square. Quick history lesson – Prague is built on 9 hills, and Barrandov is on one of them. The district is also known as the Hollywood of Prague, due to it being home to the respected Barrandov Film Studios, established in 1939. These studios have produced some seriously famous movies, such as Mission Impossible, The Bourne Identity, and the Czech classic, Closely Watched Trains. Many of the streets around here are named after actors and people who have influenced the industry.

After lunch and a few Czech beers, it would be time for a bit more strolling around the area, among the dreamy houses and well-kept gardens in Barrandov. There’s a bit of a local secret here, too. In these streets you’ll find a family who set up a few tables and chairs in their garden and sell draft beer, just because they want to connect with their neighbours. Can’t get more local than that!

Next, it’s family nap time! I would say I’d be dreaming of the beautiful view over Prague, but no dreaming necessary here. We’d go out onto the hills and take a rest, looking out over the hundreds of spires and Vyšehrad Castle below us.

As we continue our perfect day, we’d stop by Blue Lagoon café, which is a place that creates the perfect excuse to have dessert before dinner. With a traditional (and super tasty!) Czech pastry such as větrnik, we would take in the views over the fields, forest, and valley. For the next course, pizza at Pizzeria Kaskáda – yes, it’s not all dumplings and goulash in Prague!

Czech pastries!

Czech pastries!

To finish off our perfect day in Barrandov, we’d head over to the little DVD store, a shop in a local guy’s cellar that everyone in the neighbourhood goes to for their movie fix. Our evening would be relaxed as we’d enjoy a film – a nice quiet way to end the day.

After writing this post, I’m starting to wonder why we don’t have a tour in my neighbourhood of Barrandov in Prague… watch this space!

If you’d like to wander with Niki in Prague, exploring this city from his eyes and tasting all kinds of delicious food and beer along the way, take a peek at our Prague tours!