Meet: Sofia, our local expert in Mexico City

Meet: Sofia, our local expert in Mexico City


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Sofia, breaking her own rules and wearing a sombrero

Sofia, breaking her own rules and wearing a sombrero

On being a native Chillangua…

‘Chilango’ used to be slang for people who moved to Mexico City but now people use the word to refer to anyone living in Mexico City.

On typical Mexican meals…

A traditional breakfast is a huge meal around 10am or 11am that includes chilaquiles, tortillas, rice, and beans. But locals on a more modern schedule typically grab a sweet bread and a coffee on their way to work. There are bakeries all over the city selling sweet bread.

Lunch is around 3pm, either at an inexpensive fonda (with food that you would have at home, with a different menu each day featuring tortillas, rice, beans, meat, cactus…) or snacks (garnachas) from the street vendors, like tacos, corn or huaraches (fried masa with toppings). Dinner is around 9pm with, again, some combination of tortillas (you can make thousands of dishes with tortillas!) and rice and beans, etc.

This sounds very heavy but there are lots of light and healthy options as well, like soups, salads, and dishes loaded with veggies.

On what makes Mexico City so unique…

Mexico City is huge (like, over 8,000 people per square kilometre huge) and, like any big city, that means tons of things to do. Museums, restaurants, new neighborhoods. But unlike in some other cities, you’ll find Mexicans very warm and approachable. If you ask for directions, they’ll strike up a conversation. It’s the best of both worlds.

On what you need to watch out for…

Like any other big city, you should be careful of pickpockets in crowded areas or on the metro. Public transportation is very safe, but you have to be wary of taxis. Only take a certified taxi or Uber to avoid being overcharged.

You shouldn’t drink the tap water in Mexico (for fear of getting the infamous Montezuma’s Revenge). Only drink bottled water and if you buy one of the delicious juices sold on the street, make sure to get only juice (not mixed with water). Or if you get a shake, make sure it’s made with milk. Brushing your teeth with water from the tap is totally fine — you just don’t want to ingest it.

On the only time you’ll see Mexicans wearing sombreros…

On Mexican Independence Day and if they’re in a mariachi band. That’s it.

On how to do tequila shots in Mexico City…

A proper tequila shot in Mexico goes like this: first, salt your lemon slice. Then, squeeze some lemon juice into your mouth. Next, pop the lemon slice in your mouth and drink the tequila shot.

On what made her want to be a guide…

I really like my country. I know it well. I’ll often be giving a tour and see something that amazes me and impresses me. I want to share that, to have others experience the same awesomeness I see. I can share the local culture, local tips, or a local place, and I want people to see that in my city.

Hang out with Sofia or one of our other awesome Mexico City guides on a Mexico City tour that’ll show you the best of local life!

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