Meet: Misa, our local expert in Prague

Meet: Misa, our local expert in Prague


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local expert guide in Prague

Misa in her beloved city of Prague, Czech Republic

On how she came to live in Prague…

I come from Frydek-Mistek, a medium-sized town in the northeast of the Czech Republic, in the corner where it borders Slovakia and Poland. When I have Americans on the tour, I like to compare it to West Virginia — lots of coal mines, high unemployment rate, beautiful mountains, but not much work for an English and Italian languages graduate. Ever since my parents took me for my first visit to our capital city of Prague, I knew I wanted to study and live here. I fell in love with the magic of Prague, its monuments, city parks, the river, everything… I gave myself a promise that I would work hard at school so I could follow my dream, and I did.

On an average day in Prague…

People go to work generally from 9am to 5:30pm, but public transport is already crowded by 7:30am, as school starts at 8am. By law, employees have only 30 minutes for lunch (unless they have a really nice employer who gives them an extra 30 minutes — which they of course need to make up before the end of their day), so restaurants are flooded at lunchtime. Then everyone heads back to their offices and the next rush hour is between 5pm and 7pm. People go home but also might go to pubs to have a beer (the biggest lie in the Czech language is a beer, or to the movies or theatres, concerts, or to play sports (swimming, squash, tennis, soccer, etc.).

On Czech stereotypes…

I think the most popular stereotype about people from Prague (or the Czech Republic in general) is that we all drink beer. Which is totally true! Well, let’s say 70% of Czechs drink alcohol, 30% drink wine. But everybody drinks. If you don’t drink, people ask you why not? And you must have a reason (you’re driving, you’re on antibiotics…). If not they’ll start making their own guesses like that you’re pregnant.

On what surprises travellers to Prague…

That it was not bombed during WWII and that we are 60% atheists (long story) even though there are so many beautiful churches all around.

On how she became an Urban Adventures tour guide…

By accident. I started working as an event manager for a company that runs boat cruises on the Vltava River in Prague’s city centre and also at the Charles Bridge Museum. Part of the job was getting familiar with all aspects of the company — so I spent my afternoons learning stuff about Prague and giving tours to school groups in the museum and on the boats. After switching to groups of adults and foreigners, I found myself really enjoying it. And as I worked mostly with guys (boats, duh), I was slowly getting bored with all the comments about how great my guiding was but how I couldn’t tie the boat right — not to mention comments about driving it. Eventually I told them to just teach me. And they actually enjoyed teaching me as much as I enjoyed learning it. After some time, I passed the boating test, but I also grew tired of working in the office, working overtime, and not having a life in general. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew this was not it, so I quit.

I got an offer to translate a book, so I thought I could do that while I figured my life out. Slowly, I also started working for a small company doing food tours, which turned out to be a dream job. I tried freelancing for another small company supporting start-ups (about 75% of my time) and putting the rest of my time towards guiding, freelance boating, and translating. But it turned out I really couldn’t work in an office any more.

And then, when I was again deciding how I wanted to continue, I met Tereza from Prague Urban Adventures on a boat. She was there with a group of clients on the Prague Discovery tour. I didn’t even notice her but she liked the way I talked with people on my cruise (they’re small boats, just 32 people, and you drive and guide at the same time). She offered me a job interview.

I went to the interview and we liked each other on the spot. They trained me and I started guiding for them, and after a year and something, here I am, doing tours and running social media for Prague Urban Adventures and loving it. I still go boating once or twice per month so that I don’t forget it, and I still do translations, especially during low season — it is a great balance that keeps me sane. And about twice a year I take a gigantic group (50 travellers) of Czechs and Slovakians to the USA and Canada (for a different company) and I guide them there for two weeks. I love it as it is great to get away from Prague for time to time, but I couldn’t do it more often as it would kill me.

On what she loves the most about Prague…

Its history and architecture. It is simply stunning!

On her favourite local traditions…

I love fall and the “Little Souls” day in Prague. I also love cemeteries as they have a particular atmosphere, and in the beginning of November they are simply stunning with all the candles, flowers, wreaths, and leaves all around.

On the one thing travellers should know before they visit Prague…

There’s a very cheap way to get to the city centre by public transportation: take bus 119 and then the metro. It costs CZK 32 (or USD 1.50)!

As well, that trdelnik (“chimney cake”) you see everywhere is not Czech, not traditional, and not very good. (I’m aware you can’t make anything bad if you add Nutella or ice cream to it, but if you eat just the dough it’s waaaay too dry). There are much better (and more traditional) Czech sweets!

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