Meet: Marialaura, our local expert in Mallorca

Meet: Marialaura, our local expert in Mallorca


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Marialaura, in Mallorca

Marialaura, in her adopted “home” of Mallorca

On how Marialaura ended up in Mallorca…

I’m from Italy and I met my husband in Paris during a European internship. We travelled for over a year around the world, but in the end we wanted to come back “home,” so we decided to live in Mallorca where Damiá is from. Moving here was hard as I had to learn another culture, but it turns out it’s not too different from my Italian culture. We share the Mediterranean Sea and many other things.

On an average day in Mallorca…

Most locals who work in an office start work at 9am and take a break at 11am to grab a coffee at a local bar. At 2:30pm, some people come home to have lunch and a short siesta nap (never more than 20 minutes), then head back to work at 4pm. Around 6:30pm when you finish work, you’ll typically meet your friends for a beer or head to the beach. Dinner is around 9:30pm and at midnight, we go to sleep.

On Catalan…

Catalan is the main language spoken in Mallorca. Many people think it is a dialect of Spanish but it is a separate language.

On village festivals…

People in Mallorca love their village festivals and they happen year round. Some last an entire week, and people eat, dance, and participate in lots of activities. They are crazy about festivals here!

On why you should consider Mallorca in the winter…

Mallorca can also be a great winter destination. They have great hiking and climbing spots, local festivals, bike services, and none of the crowds that come in the summer.

On what makes her a great guide…

I love to welcome people. I love to travel and I want people on my tours to experience the island from a local point of view. I have fun and I think they can have fun if I have fun. I particularly love Urban Adventures travellers because they share our commitment to local travel.

Hang out with Marialaura or one of our other awesome Mallorca guides on a Palma de Mallorca city tour.

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Picture it: amazing hidden patios along narrow streets, panoramic views out to the sea, gothic cathedrals and sailing traditions. Sound like paradise? Sounds like Palma de Mallorca! Get a taste of Roman, Arab, and Catalan influences in this Mediterranean destination, where you’ll be forgiven for wanting to stay forever.

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