Meet: Damiá, our local expert in Mallorca

Meet: Damiá, our local expert in Mallorca


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Damia,  hanging about on his beloved island

Damia, hanging about on his beloved island

On being a Mallorcan…

I consider myself a Mallorcan even though I was actually born in Barcelona. My father is from our sister island in the Balearic Islands (Menorca) and my mother was born in mainland Spain. They met in Barcelona, but while my mother was pregnant, my father found a great job in Mallorca. As my mother’s family and doctors were all in Barcelona, they decided to have me there where I spent the first few weeks of my life before moving to Mallorca for the rest of it.

On an average day in Mallorca…

In the summer, people spend the days being pretty busy: going fishing with a friend, having a walk in the plaza of the village, showing the island to a friend who came to visit, or heading to a festival. It’s also common to go to the beach after work. The sun sets very late here in the summer (around 9:30pm), so it gives you plenty of time to do stuff during the day and still make it to the beach before it’s dark.

In the winter, the days are shorter and colder, so people relax more. We’re pretty outdoorsy, so even in cooler weather we’ll go hiking in the mountains or plan big dinner parties with friends around the fire.

On stereotypes about Mallorca…

I think the biggest stereotype about people in Mallorca is that we are all on holidays. Most people come for our beaches and our weather, so for them, Mallorca equals vacation. Visitors are usually surprised to find that people live here year-round and that there is a rich local culture. Although that’s mostly our fault as we promote the island as sun, sand, sea, and fun!

On what you should eat in Mallorca…

At the bare minimum you need to eat sobrassada (cured sausage), ensaimada (a pastry), and gató (almond cake). You’ll find a lot of other delicious dishes in local restaurants and bakeries, too.

On what makes him a great guide…

I think people enjoy my tours because I am very flexible. A tour never turns out the same way twice! If the conversation in the group is interesting and I get to a place where I planned to explain something else, I might keep it for later and continue the current conversation. This way it doesn’t feel like I’m following a script. The tour is more interesting as a two-way conversation.

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