#localsknow: An Instagram competition

#localsknow: An Instagram competition


Want to win your next Urban Adventures tour for FREE?! 

Here’s what you have to do.

Next time you’re on an Urban Adventures tour, share your Best. Day. Ever. experience on Instagram by using the hashtag #localsknow and tagging us @urbanadventures.

Simple, right?

We’ll be on the lookout for the best shots and every month, we’ll award one talented photographer with a free Urban Adventures tour anywhere in the world.

Tokyo Urban Adventures tour

The lucky winner will be selected by the Urban Adventures team, and will be announced in the mid-month newsletter (so be sure you’re a subscriber!). If you’re the lucky winner, just email us to collect your sweet reward!

Photographers retain copyright of all images submitted, including winning images. Urban Adventures retains publication rights to all submitted images, including winning images, for unlimited use in promotions, advertising, digital marketing, and company brochures.

Urban Adventures food tour

Urban Adventures is happy to attribute the photo to you. We will use either your real name or your Instagram handle, as you prefer.

So, if you’re up for getting your next tour for free, get tagging! If we like your photo, you might be a winner! While you’re at it, check out what we’re instagramming!


So where to next? We can’t wait to see!

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