It’s Beer O’Clock Somewhere: Kenya’s Tusker

It’s Beer O’Clock Somewhere: Kenya’s Tusker


It’s more than a beer – it’s a national emblem. It’s more than a drink – it’s an African experience encompassed.

First brewed in Kenya under British Colonial rule in 1922 by Kenya Breweries (now East African Breweries), the company’s first lager was baptised ‘Tusker’ at the brewers’ first annual general meeting in 1923 in memory of their founder, Charles Hurst, who had not long before been killed in an elephant hunting accident.

Tusker Slogan - My Country, My Beer

The immortal Tusker logo and slogan

Quintessentially Kenyan, Tusker has become a household name throughout the East African community and beyond. One of the beer’s traditional slogans ‘Nchi yangu, Bia yangu’ (Swahili for ‘My Country, My Beer’) stands testimony to the roots of this iconic brew and the fond place that it holds in the hearts of our community, as well as to the staggering market share that Tusker commands in the region.

‘Our’ lager boasts a clear, golden yellow body with a foamy white head, and a nose with hints of cereal and honey. The light grain flavours with a mild, underlying sweetness give way to a hoppy bitterness at the finish. Whilst many East Africans enjoy Tusker at room temperature (or even above!), we highly recommend you ask for it ‘baridi sana’ (Swahili for ‘very cold’) to ensure you experience the beer’s unforgettably light and refreshing characteristics, perfect for a warm day in the equatorial sun. In fact, it was on safaris in Africa that the concept of a ‘sundowner’ became so renowned. A trip to the region would simply not be complete without watching the sun go down to a cold Tusker (or two!).

Post-work Tusker

Perfect for those scorching summer days

More recently, Tusker has become available under two other guises – Tusker Malt and Tusker Lite – but our recommendation is that for a true Kenyan experience, stick to the original. The classic, oversized brown bottle is an equally memorable part of the experience, with its strikingly minimalist branding in bold colours lending it an ‘old world’ feel that has secured Tusker a place amongst the ranks of East Africa’s superbrands.

Don’t just take our word for it though – Tusker has won a series of international accolades, including a coveted silver medal in the 2011 Monde Selection awards.

Although available in many Western countries now, there’s no better place to enjoy Tusker than in Kenya – after all, that’s its home.

In the words of a more recent Tusker advertising campaign that yet again powerfully evokes the kindred spirit of Kenya’s flagship brew, ‘Ni Wakati Wetu’ (Swahili for ‘It’s Our Time’). We hope that during your time in Kenya, you’ll take the time to enjoy a refreshing Tusker in the Green City in the Sun.


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