How to plan a spontaneous getaway

How to plan a spontaneous getaway


Plan a spontaneous trip? Sound like an oxymoron? It’s not! Sure you can’t plan for the when and where, but you can be prepared for when the mood strikes, or when you see a killer travel deal. We got some awesome tips on this week’s  Travel Talk On Twitter that we thought we’d share. Because when it comes to spontaneous trips, you want to be able to ready, set, TRAVEL!

Kathmandu - Swing


1. Are spontaneous getaways better than planned ones? via @traveltalktours


2. How do you financially plan for spontaneous getaways? via @houseluigi


3. Any spontaneous getaway gone wrong? via @curiousdahlia


4. Do you prefer company on a spontaneous getaway or solo travel? via @travel_brain


5. What’s the most memorable spontaneous getaway you’ve been on? Share a photo! via @zamlos

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