“I don’t do groups.” How to go your own way on an Urban Adventure

“I don’t do groups.” How to go your own way on an Urban Adventure

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Make a tour your own… literally

Let’s face it, as much as we love group travel (ahem, let’s clarify that: small group travel), we know that not everyone shares our passion. Sometimes you just want to do your own thing. Or sometimes you already have a built-in group of travel pals and you’d rather just tour around with your personal posse than a bunch of strangers. We get it.

That’s why in all our destinations, in addition to our usual tours, we also offer the option to design your own customised tour with your own customised group. You could plan the perfect outing for you and your friends and family, whether that’s just two or 20 of you (because our usual 12-traveller maximum policy goes out the window when you’re calling the shots). Or you could go totally solo and design your dream day, created entirely for you by one of our local experts. Or, if you already love the tour itineraries in our line-up but just want to do them on your own, we can offer you a private departure for any of our tours, for just you and whomever else you want to join you.

To start planning your customised Best. Day. Ever., just fill out this form telling us who you are, where you’re travelling, and what you want to do. Our team will contact you and put the wheels in motion so you can do a tour any way that’s your way.

Private Tours | Urban Adventures

Want to build your own personal Best. Day. Ever.? Let us make your travel wishes a reality with our customised private tours for both small groups and individuals. Whether you’re heading out on the town for a birthday or office party or just want to see a new city your way, we have private tour options for everyone.

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