Food Friday: Toronto’s Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Food Friday: Toronto’s Peameal Bacon Sandwich


The peameal bacon sandwich is Toronto’s signature food. Its legend goes back many, many decades, to when Toronto was called ‘Hogtown’.

Peameal bacon is what some might call ‘back bacon’, but it also features a very light crusting of peameal (well, it used to – now it’s cornmeal, but shhhhh no one knows the difference). Peameal bacon sandwiches are served up on big, fluffy, white rolls, and quite enjoy being slathered in spicy mustard.

Toronto peameal bacon sandwich

The best place in Toronto to get a peameal bacon sandwich is, without a doubt, St. Lawrence Market. There are several spots in the market to grab one, but our favourites are Paddington’s Pump and Carousel Bakery.

Toronto Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Next time you visit Toronto, hop on over to St Lawrence Market and roll up to Carousel Bakery or sidle up to the bar at Paddington’s Pump to chow down on one of the best peameal bacon sandwiches you’ll find in the city. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

St. Lawrence Market is located at 92 Front Street East, and is within a few blocks of the King streetcar (Jarvis stop). If you’re drooling on your keyboard, we should probably let you know that you can sample a peameal bacon sandwich as one the foods enjoyed on our pork and bacon focused When Pigs Fry tour. 

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