Food Friday: Spice Up Your Life

Food Friday: Spice Up Your Life


This Food Friday we were inspired to get spicy thanks to some gorgeous market photos from our guys in Delhi! Spices are by far the best way to step up your culinary game without adding fat, salt, or cost to your grocery bill. The distinct flavours of each global cuisine are usually the result of specific local spice combinations. It can be a bit daunting when you start out using them, but man is it worth it!

Spices in Delhi

Before long, you will find yourself automatically reaching for a different spice to complement every dish. While flavour combinations will eventually become second nature, here’s a little chart courtesy of Adventures in Spice to get you started.

Some suggestions for flavour combos

While travelling, you often find yourself drooling at the aromas in a local spice market. Although it may be tempting to stock up for your home kitchen, take the extra precaution to check custom regulations for your country. Most countries allow you to bring spices in for personal use, but it may be worth declaring them to ensure you don’t have them confiscated. And although a tasty snack on the road, don’t be tempted to bring nuts or dried fruit home with you!

Nuts in a Delhi Spice Market

So have fun, get creative and see what you can can cook up with a little extra zing!

Have a fave spice combination? Share it with us in the comments!