Food Friday: Cambodian Cuisine

Food Friday: Cambodian Cuisine


Cambodian food has been played down in guidebooks, and is not as widely recognised in travel circles as the food from neighbouring countries like Thailand and Vietnam. We can all wax on about Thai green curry, pad Thai, and pho, but what about Cambodian treats? Anyone?

Barbecued meat skewers in Siem Reap

In our opinion, it’s a bit of a tragedy, because for ages (since before the Kings of Angkor!), the Cambodian cooking pot has had a mix of local and international influences, and as a result the food is really something to write home about (and Instagram!).

With this in mind, our team in Siem Reap crafted one of their most delicious adventures yet – an evening street food tour. Travelling by local remark (a Cambodian tuk tuk), you’ll explore some of the food, markets, and restaurants that visitors and expats don’t normally have the chance to see. With an expert guide and lots of tastings along the way, we’re pretty sure it’s the perfect chance to get under the skin of this fascinating city by devouring its mouth-watering and underrated dishes.

Cambodian food - insects

From sweet local seasonal fruits (are you brave enough to try the durian?!) to barbecued meat skewers and Khmer fried chicken, the array of options is vast, and thoroughly tempting. Yes, even the fried crickets (go on, they taste like potato chips!).

Have you ever had Cambodian food? Do you have a favourite or a recommendation? Share in the comments below!

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