Five Summer Urban Paradises

Five Summer Urban Paradises


Summer in the city can be at once both fantastic and frustrating. Without a ton of places to cool down, it could leave you lusting after far away places, but we’ve found some urban paradises that offer that respite you’re looking for. Seek them out, and you just might keep that wanderlust in check…until winter, at least!

Tommy Thompson Park (aka the Leslie Spit), Toronto

Leslie Spit Toronto views of Lake Ontario

Stretching all the way out behind the Toronto Island, it takes a little longer to get to Tommy Thompson Park, but it’s worth the trek. Several kilometres long, it’s a bird haven, perfect for bike rides and runs, and the ideal spot for a picnic with a view (minus the crowds you find on the Toronto Island).

Divoká Šárka, Prague

Escape Prague and head to the outskirts to Divoká Šárka nature reserve.

A nature reserve on the outskirts of the city, Divoká Šárka is where locals go to escape the summer heat in Prague. The reserve has some spectacular views (gorge included), and a public pool filled with natural spring water. Pretty obvious why it’s a fave local escape!

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Escape Philly and head to Fairmount Park for some summer respite

You could probably explore Fairmount Park for a week and not get bored – there’s so much to see! River views, hidden creeks, public art, and trails galore, it’s right there in the middle of Philly, and yet a million miles away.

Yamashiro Hollywood, LA

Escape LA with a trip to Yamashiro Hollywood for great views and delicious food.

A 600-year-old pagoda, Japanese gardens, poolside bar, sweeping views of Los Angeles, fantastic food…need we say more?

Lido Island, Venice

Lido Island is an ideal place to escape Venice.

Whether you want to go for a bike ride along the water or park yourself at an Osteria (we recommend Al Marcá), Lido is the perfect place to come to get away from the stifling heat and crowds that dominate Venice during the summer months. Makes summer in Venice seem like a piece of cake!