In photos: Cruising the canals of Venice

In photos: Cruising the canals of Venice


Venice is the kind of place that you either absolutely love… or totally hate. The city often gets criticised for being crowded with too many tourists, but that’s because too many visitors don’t know how to escape the same old sites and find the real local side of life. That’s why we invited travellers The Common Wanderer to come try out our Canal & Aperitivo Experience, which eschews the cliché gondolas in favour of an authentic local ride in a Venetian motoscafi, or water taxi. Here’s their take on seeing the Floating City in a whole new (local) way.

boat on a canal of Venice

#localsknow gondola rides are old-school — instead, all hail the glorious Venice water taxis (motoscafi)! They’re wood-panelled and leather lined, and gliding through the Venice canals in one of these super stylish boats will have you feeling like you’re straight out of a James Bond film (minus any potential boat chases). | Photo by The Common Wanderer


guide pouring wine on a boat in Venice

While cruising along the canals, #localsknow the perfect way to indulge is by enjoying a glass of bubbly and sampling some homemade cicchetti (for which Venice is famous!). Here, Francesca from Venice Urban Adventures serves up some Prosecco, a sparkling Italian wine from the local Veneto region. Delish! | Photo by The Common Wanderer


looking out the front of a boat on a canal in Venice

#localsknow that the best explorations of Venice are done from the water, where you can escape the crush of tourists and lose yourself in the enchantment of the Floating City. As you glide past the beautiful architecture and ornate bridges, prepare to feel as though you’ve been transported back to an era when powerful Venetian families competed with each other to build the most opulent homes in the city. | Photo by The Common Wanderer


plates of snacks in Venice

Exploring the Venice canals is terribly hard work, so it’s a good thing that the #localsknow how to put on a cicchetti feast! Some Venetian favourites are on the menu aboard out motoscafi today: bruschetta, baccala mantecato (a creamy cod with oil and garlic), and sarde in saor (shrimp marinated for two days with vinegar, onion, olive oil, and pine nuts). And yes, these are as mouthwateringly tasty as they appear! | Photo by The Common Wanderer


view of the city from on the canals in Venice

#localsknow that calling a city built on water ‘home’ isn’t without it’s challenges — even if it’s as stunning as Venice is! It’s hard to imagine that this was once nothing more than a salty marsh, settled in the 5th century by mainland Venetians escaping raids by the Barbarians. In time, elaborate heavy marble palazzi, churches, and squares like San Marco (pictured) were built entirely upon wooden foundations driven into the lagoon; the bad news is that Venice is slowly sinking, and rising sea levels won’t help. | Photo by The Common Wanderer


traveller on board a boat on the canals of Venice

#localsknow there’s only one thing to do when the sun starts going down in Venice: get on the water in style, grab a sundowner (Prosecco, anyone?!), and watch as the sky illuminates this already beautiful city with the most glorious sunset imaginable. Bellissimo! | Photo by The Common Wanderer


Want to have this experience for yourself? Hop on board our Canal & Aperitivo Experience for a true literal taste of local life along the canals of Venice!

Canal & Aperitivo Experience

Go local in a Venetian boat taxi that’ll take you through the city’s lesser known canals. View Venice from the water, past sites like Rialto and San Marco.

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