The complete guide to: Krakow travel

The complete guide to: Krakow travel


According to legend, Krakow was founded on the defeat of the Wawel Dragon. While the dragon may be gone, what you will find is Europe’s largest market square and a charming Old Town — in fact, the city itself has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1978. If you’re planning on visiting Krakow, we have you covered with everything you need to know about getting around and what to see and do once you’re there.

view over Krakow city from above a roof

Getting to and from KRK

Taking the train is a convenient way to get to and from John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice (KRK). The trains run approximately every 30 minutes to Krakow’s main railway station and also offer free wi-fi. Tickets cost approximately USD 3 and you’ll need to purchase your tickets in advance at a ticket machine.

Metered taxis are also available and cost approximately USD 31 to the city centre. iCar is the cheapest taxi company and it’s usually cheaper to order a cab by phone. Another option is if you’ve scheduled a tour of Krakow with Urban Adventures, we’re happy to arrange a private car for our visitors. Contact us for more information.

Getting around Krakow

Walking: Best way to see Krakow? Break out your runners and walk! Not only is it free, but the majority of the city’s landmarks in the Old Town are within easy walking distance.

Public transit: The city is served by buses and trams and public transit is available 24 hours a day. Cost depends on type of tickets you require — short-term tickets are valid for short journeys and normal tickets give you more time to reach your destination, but cost more. One, two and three-day passes are also available.

Taxi: Metered taxis are available in the city. A typical journey costs approximately USD 10. Remember, it’s cheaper to order a taxi over the phone in advance and iCar Taxis are one of the cheapest companies currently available.

There are a few other options for getting around Krakow, including a romantic horse-drawn carriage or by getting in some exercise as you see the sites by renting a bike.

Things to do in Krakow

Krakow is a city of culture, rich in the arts and incredible architecture. A symbol of Poland’s identity, Wawel Castle was built on the command of King Casimir III the Great in the 1300s. It is now home to five museums within one, including the Crown Treasure and Armoury, Royal Private Apartments, Lost Wawel, State Rooms, and Exhibition of Oriental Art. The castle also houses Leonardo da Vinci’s The Lady with an Ermine.

There are many festivals taking place in the city, the majority from April until September. The major festivals include the Kraków Film Festival, Misteria PaschaliaJewish Culture Festival, and Crossroads Festival of Traditional Music. Food lovers, you’re not left out, there’s even a Pierogi Festival every August.

You can learn more about what’s happening in Krakow here.

Krakow Day Tours

Looking for more things to do? Urban Adventures offers day tours in Krakow and beyond, all led by local experts that will give you a taste for local life:

Markets & Flavours of Krakow
Get a taste for local life with this sightseeing-meets-food tour that tells the story of Krakow through its markets and squares. Explore historic districts, see iconic sites, sample local delicacies, hang out in hidden cafés, and take a sip of that famous Polish vodka while learning why the markets aren’t just places to shop — they’re the soul of Krakow!

Krakow Food by Foot
Taste the real Krakow on this food tour of the best Polish bites and sites! Sample traditional fare of pierogies, zapiekanka, and oscypek at local hideaways and explore Krakow’s bustling markets and neighbourhoods. The perfect balance of cuisine and culture for a truly authentic local experience!

The Changing Faces of the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter Private Tour
Give yourself over to the bohemian charm of Krakow’s beloved Kazimierz district and get a firsthand look at why the vibrant neighbourhood is an essential part of the Krakow experience. On this private tour, you’ll eat, shop, and explore your way through the day, learning about the Jewish history of Krakow as you go.

Home Cooked Krakow
What? You haven’t tried Polish food? It may not be as famous as some other country’s cuisines (we’re looking at you Italy!) but it’s just as delicious. Join this Krakow tour to get an inside guide to cooking Polish food in the home of a local home cook.

Nowa Huta Communist Experience Private Tour
Being in the Nowa Huta district of Krakow is like travelling back in time — all the way back to the communist era. The places you’ll visit on this private tour are exactly as they were during the communist regime, in this neighbourhood built as a model communist city.

Beers & Cheers Private Tour
Raise a pint at some of the best-loved local pubs and breweries in Krakow while learning about the long history of beer in the city on this private tour. In between beers and bites, explore the Old Town off the beaten path, discovering hidden corners most visitors never find, and delve headlong into beer culture in Krakow.


Krakow on the big screen

Before you visit, learn more about Krakow by watching the Schindler’s ListLiam Neeson stars in this powerful film as the greedy German businessman who ends up saving the lives of thousands of mostly Polish-Jewish refugees from the Holocaust. In Angel in Krakow, an angel falls in love with the city, after mistakenly ending up in Krakow as punishment for liking rock and roll. These films show the real Krakow in the past and present.

Krakow on record

Get in the mood for your trip to Krakow by listening to the band Kroke, a Polish instrumental ensemble of Jewish Klezmer music. Brush up on your classical music with Capella Cracoviensis, a world-class contemporary classic musical group and choir.

Krakow in books

Dive into Krakow before you arrive by reading real and fantastic history of the city. Read Schindler’s Ark, the Booker-prize winning novel by Thomas Keneally, which was adapted into Schindler’s List. The novel tells the story of Schindler, the flamboyant German industrialist grew into a living legend to the Jewish people of Krakow.

Kacper Ryx by Mariusz Wollny is a Polish historical crime novel featuring historical characters, including Polish poets Mikołaj Sęp Szarzyński and Jan Kochanowski.

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Walking through Krakow is like strolling through your very own open air museum. Around every corner you’ll find something of interest, whether it be a beautiful building or a cool food truck selling traditional Polish fare. Get to know the local way of life in this gorgeous city on a Krakow tour filled with history, culture, food, and even a bit of local lingo if you’re looking to learn it!

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