A guide to scrumptiously sweet indulgences in Copenhagen

A guide to scrumptiously sweet indulgences in Copenhagen


When your blood sugar is running low and your temper is fickle, indulge rather than restrain! There’s a plethora of delightful desserts in Copenhagen just waiting to treat your sweet tooth. Whether you want to grab and go and linger over your sweets, we’ve got your perfect guide to indulgence throughout Copenhagen.

Royal cafe for desserts in Copenhagen

Sweets to go

A range of different bakeries exist in Copenhagen to cater to all the pastry lovers. Try the Rhubarb horns at the various Lagkagehuset outlets, or the blueberry scones or the Danish Spandauer with crème at Meyer’s Bakery in Magasin, or the organic cinnamon rolls at one of the Emmerys dispersed around the city. Should that not suffice, Lauras Bakery in Torvehallerne, near Nørreport Station, probably has one of the best cinnamon rolls money can buy!

If you happen to find yourself near one of the numerous chocolate vendors in the city, ask for chocolate-covered licorice almonds or the white chocolate flødeboller at Summerbird in Kronprinsensgade. (Flødeboller is a biscuit/marzipan base topped with beaten egg whites and sugar, coated in chocolate, then hardened).

cakes in copenhagen shop

And don’t skip the wonderful cookies at Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Bar on Østergade 13, or the white chocolate-covered licorice from Lakrids by Johan Bülow in Magasin — despite their price tag. If your preferences are a bit more old-school, Sven Michelsen in Illum has a wide range of sturdy chocolates and flødeboller, and is purveyor to the Royal Danish Court. Last but not least, grab some Peter Beier Chocolates from Store Kongensgade. They produce handmade chocolates in dazzling variations and have created a modern version of the flødebolle in a neat triangular design.

Sweets to stay

It’s widely known among locals and tourists alike that there is reason to the sweetness madness at a few Copenhagen shops, where at least 20 treats are regularly on display. La Glace on Skoubodage 3 has cake (begin with the famous “Sport’s Cake” or orange cake, then come back another day for more). If a nasty queue is hindering your sugar fix, the lesser know but still delicious Royal Smushi Cafe has a small, modern take on layer cakes and pastries. The earlier you arrive, the better.

slice of chocolate cake

But should both options fail, Frenchy (conveniently nearby) on Hyskenstræde 16 always has a lovely assortment of French cakes — and charming French service, too. Also, should you be in the Nørrebro area, be sure to munch on Arabica‘s famous cheesecakes on Blågårdsgade 12.

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