Private tours around the world!

Private tours around the world!


Your own personal Best. Day. Ever.

Book a private tour with Urban Adventures!

Are you on the prowl for a tour that just pops out at you and screams, “Book me!”? A tour that ticks all the boxes and makes your travel dreams a reality? Maybe you have a penchant for neo-classical architecture and want to explore New York City… or maybe you’re a die-hard Hemingway fan who wants to take tours in France and Spain and visit all the places that inspired his work… The bottom line is, everyone has different interests and sometimes, as amazing as all our tours are, they might need just that little bit more, just for you.

If this is you, then call off your hunt and consider booking a private tour with us!

We go beyond customisation and give you the opportunity to create the exact tour you want. You tell us your interests, what types of things you’d like to see or experience, your preferred method of travel (are you down for a wild adventure, or do you lean more towards comfort?) — whatever you prefer, we’ll create a Best. Day. Ever. just for you! You’ll be able to explore a new city at your own pace, and spend as little or as much time as you want at each point of interest — you’ll have everything you want without the constraints of a typical tour. One of the benefits of a private tour is the bonus of having your tour guide’s undivided attention, and you’ll be able to ask your tour guide as many questions as you want.

Send in your private tour request by filling our our online form and make your next Urban Adventure truly your own.

Book your private tour!

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Urban Adventures offers day tours with an expert – a local, English-speaking tour guide. We operate in over 150 cities and offer the opportunity to create a tour that’s just for you!

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