9 Signs You’re a Budget Traveller

9 Signs You’re a Budget Traveller


If your travel plans revolve about strict budgeting, counting those pennies, and finding the coolest bargain spots in your destination, it sounds like you’re a classic budget traveller. Just in case you’re not sure, here are 9 signs that you’re a die-hard thrifty globetrotter! How many of these describe you?


1. You’re happy having a small travel wardrobe

Those clothes that you’ve been wearing for a while on the road are looking a little scruffy round the edges, but they’ve been travelling with you, so how could you ever let them go? You’re definitely the kind of person to get plenty of use out of what you wear for travel, and your priority with clothes shopping is not always fashion – instead you favour buying things that are durable or lightweight.

2. You refuse to pay more than $3 for a beer

Having travelled in cheaper destinations, you’re used to drinks costing next to nothing, and you’re shocked at the prices once you get home. ‘Sorry, that beer is HOW MUCH?!’ is a phrase you’ll find yourself saying a few times when you return, and you’ll walk away from the bar in a daze wondering why this drink you’re holding cost you more than three in the destination you’ve just returned from.

3. You’ll always find the cheapest form of transport

After a while on the road, you’ve sharpened up your bargain hunter skills, and you manage to always find the cheapest form of transport in any given situation. Even if it takes you double the time to make it from A to B, you’ll quite happily choose the longest route if it means spending less money.

prague food

4. Street food is your jam

You’d much rather have something from a food truck or stand than eat in the fanciest restaurant in town. You tend to try and cook in your hostel or host’s kitchen as much as you can, but if you really want to splash out you take to the streets and find the nearest street food vendor, a sport you’re probably very apt at.

5. You’ll happily sleep in public

Sleeping in public is a fine art, and you may as well run a masterclass. You’ve perfected the habit of catching a few Zs on buses and trains, and you’re fine with sleeping in an airport if that means saving an extra night on accommodation costs – you purposely book night journeys for the same reason. Your $2 neck pillow is the best thing you’ve ever bought!

6. Street art is your version of a museum

You rarely go into museums that have high admission fees. You’re perfectly happy wandering around town, finding your own examples of masterpieces – street art! You’re just as happy looking at some cool murals as you are looking at the Mona Lisa.

street art

7. You’re great at hunting down drink deals

We all love a drink or two when we’re on vacation, and you’re an expert when it comes to finding out where the closest drink deal is.  You love to chat to locals about where you can find the best bargain pints, and will trust their advice above anyone else’s.  You’re also happy to hang out in a cool dive bar if it means saving you a buck or two on a brew.

8. You get distracted by any sign with the word ‘free’ on it

When you’re walking down the street and see the word ‘free’, you’re drawn to it as quick as a flash. You’ll draw the line at free tattoos, of course, but you have your budget in mind a lot of the time, so you get curious when someone is offering something for nothing.

9. You’re always on the hunt for cheap airfare

Any paycheque you do receive is no longer thought of as a means of paying the rent or bills. You’ll equate every penny you earn with how far it will get you away from home, on a plane. You’ve turned the value of money into miles, and you’re always using flight search websites to figure out the best bang for your buck airfare on the market. Much the same as public transport, you’ll happily take plenty of layovers and long routes in order to save money on your flight.

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Are you a budget traveller? What do you think could be the 10th sign that you’re thrifty on the road?