5 Tips for Staying Safe in La Boca, Buenos Aires

5 Tips for Staying Safe in La Boca, Buenos Aires


Argentina is a predominantly safe country to travel in, but that’s not to say there aren’t certain spots where you should take extra caution. La Boca in Buenos Aires is just such a place. This unique neighbourhood is one of the most iconic parts of the Argentine capital, filled with bright, colourful houses and tango dancers. Unfortunately, it’s also where many tourists find themselves getting pickpocketed or robbed. It’s certainly a must-visit when you’re travelling to Buenos Aires, but make sure you follow these simple steps to make sure it’s nothing but a positive experience.

ARUD Coloured houses of Boca neighbourhood

1. Visit during the day

Other neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, such as Palermo, come alive at night, so you really have no reason to visit La Boca in the evening. Check out this district during daylight hours, so that you can stay aware as you wander round it. Plus, the colourful buildings that line the streets are best seen in the sunshine!

2. Don’t wander off the beaten path

As much as we’d love to encourage you to explore uncharted territory in Buenos Aires, La Boca is definitely not the neighbourhood to do it in. It might feel unnatural, but stay on the tourist streets where you can and just soak up everything they have to offer. These are the very best parts of La Boca anyway, and not only do the side streets offer nothing all that interesting, they can get a little sketchy, too.

3. Take public transport

La Boca is relatively close to a few other neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, so many travellers think it’s easy enough to just walk there. Strolling to La Boca might take you to some streets you don’t want to be going down, so take public transport or hop in one of Buenos Aires’ very inexpensive taxis.

Photo Credit: Krishnan Vaitheeswaran

Photo Credit: Krishnan Vaitheeswaran

4. Take as little as possible

If possible, don’t take any valuables with to you with La Boca. You’ll definitely want your camera (fully equipped with insurance!) to take some photos, and some spare cash for that public transport we talked about, but try and leave it at that. That way if someone wants to pinch your belongings, it won’t be too much of a big deal.

5. Ask a local for tips

The locals you interact with on your trip to Buenos Aires, such as people working in your hotel or tour guides you meet, will be able to give you plenty of tips on visiting the neighbourhood. If you need any extra advice on how to stay safe in La Boca, they are the very best people to ask. It might all sound very scary to someone who’s never visited before, but many people spend an hour or two taking a look round the district without any problems at all. Don’t let the stories intimidate you – visiting La Boca is something you should definitely do while in Buenos Aires, just follow these tips and keep safety in mind!

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