5 places to get lost in 2015

5 places to get lost in 2015


Getting lost is a totally underrated travel experience. It’s also been unfairly tarnished by an association with colloquial insult.

But we don’t want to give you the finger, we just want to see you “lose yourself” (in the immortal words of Eminem) in fantastical places all around the world. So here are some good ideas of where to go to do just that.



What do Alexander the Great, Indiana Jones, and a variety of Star Wars characters have in common? A knack for getting lost in the desert, that’s what. And if you want to pay a sandy homage to wanderers everywhere, there’s no better place than Namibia.

The Namib Desert (which literally translates to ‘vast place’) stretches for more than 2,000 kilometres along the Atlantic coast. Sure, it may be almost completely uninhabited by humans except for select indigenous groups who survive thanks to generations of collective desert knowledge, but hey — when you’ve got yourself a camel and a flask, who needs friends?

If you heed our advice and do right by your tea leaves, we see giant Sossusvlei sand dunes and desert oases in your 2015 future.



Smoke a cigar, shake your hips, drive a 1950s Chevrolet, and try to forget you’re just a technology-obsessed Gen Y with a limited attention span. It’s escapism at its finest. Sit back, you rum fiend you, and let the old school charms of Havana, Santa Clara, and Camaguey transport you back in time.

You see where we’re going with this, right? You can get ‘lost in time’ in Cuba, and 2015 shall forever be known as the year of unlimited mojitos, multihued murals, old men in sweet hats, and dancing in calles.



Every work of science fiction I’ve ever read triumphs the same message: Japan is the future. From karaoke to Manga, bullet trains and butter graters (yes, they exist), this tiny country has long been the breeding ground for some of the world’s most forward-thinking (and admittedly kinda strange) innovators.

This year, why not get caught up in the bustle of Tokyo, use an automated toilet, feed your neighbour’s pet (remotely), and buy a robot? Move over Silicon Valley, this is the future — hurry up and get lost in it.



Let’s play this straight up — Casablanca the place is nothing like Casablanca the movie. So if you’re going in with the expectations of Ilsa and Rick, you’d better check ‘em at the door.

That’s not to say the rest of Morocco isn’t overwhelmingly, suffocatingly, exotic, and beautiful, what with all the mint tea and bustling medinas and occasional flying carpet. There’s just something so romantic about finding yourself lost in its winding, colourful souks. It makes you want to smile at passing street hawkers, pat every camel, and yell: “play it again, Sam”, at the local busker.

If you don’t get to Morocco in 2015 you will regret it. “Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”



The final frontier. The last wilderness. The most goddamn lonely place in the whole world. If you’re in need of some perspective, a cold shower, and the space to get over a broken heart, go to Antarctica. You’ll find all three comforts in abundance. Plus there will be penguins. But seriously, Antarctica is becoming more and more reasonable (price wise) for the everyday traveller, so if you’ve got just one adventurous bone in your body, put it to the test and take on The Drake in 2015.

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