13 emotions you feel in the middle seat

13 emotions you feel in the middle seat


1. When you realise you got a middle seat:

Will Ferrell - Noooo


2. When the flight is full and you can’t switch seats: 

Then I remembered that alcohol existed


3. When you try to look out the window, and the window seat person catches you:

Michael Cera - Looking around


4. When the aisle seat person falls asleep:

Lucy Liu eyeroll


5. When you take both armrests: 

Deal with it


6. When they try to take back their armrest:

Larry David stare down


7. When you’re trying to figure out how to sleep straight up:

I don't know how to act normal


8. When you wake up with your head on their shoulder:



9. When you wake up with their head on your shoulder:

Stanley annoyed


10. When the window seat person needs to go to the bathroom…for the 10th time:

Will Smith NO!


11. When the window and aisle seat are chatting…and you want to be involved:

Third wheel to a chat


12. When the window and aisle seat are chatting…and you don’t want to be involved:

Charlize Theron Texting


13. When you finally land and discover freedom:

Tyra Banks YES!


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