12 Reasons Why Local Travel Is The Sh*t

12 Reasons Why Local Travel Is The Sh*t


Local travel aka the art of experiencing a city like a local. We love it, and here’s why we think you would too:

 1. You learn the most important words in the local language.

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2. You come home with sweeter souvenirs…

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…by supporting local businesses.

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3. You don’t spend as much money because you’re not constantly heading to tourist traps.

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4. And you eat way better food because it’s what the locals like to eat.

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 5. You learn to drink like a local.

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 6. Since you’re off exploring areas other tourists don’t go to, you see things many tourists miss.

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 7. And avoid all the crowds…

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8. And locals will help you see the real city.

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9. You up your cool factor on Instagram.

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10. And basically have the best time ever.

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11. Because you’ve seen how truly incredible this world really is.

happy gif animated GIF12. And will have stories and memories to last a lifetime.

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